This is ADAY
London-based ADAY design modern clothes for women on the move. Every item in the collection combines high-performance and high-style - perfect for spin class or the bar afterwards. Our collaboration started with a 2-day design sprint, which allowed us to shape content-flows and define a strong graphic identity.


Designed at Dynamo
Featured on SiteInspire

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We worked to define the brand's look and feel, with type and iconography which transcends the site and is used on various collateral materials and packaging.


In the months leading up to launch, we worked with the founders Meg He and Nina Faulhaber to produce photoshoots, map-out content, try out the product first-hand, and ensure that the multi-currency e-shop functioned seamlessly on launch day. The site launched to great fanfare from Vogue, Refinery29, FT, W Magazine, among others.