Max is an award-winning graphic designer with over 9 years experience on various interactive, arts, lifestyle and music brand-centric projects. Hailing from Brooklyn, he holds a BFA with honors from the School of Visual Arts. He is currently leading the design team at Dynamo in sunny Montreal, Canada. Get in touch! ☻

Co-Creator of Workmode
Founder/Organizer of
Dynamic/MTL series
Applied Arts winner
Webby Awards nominee
Art Directors Club Young Guns winner
Clio Awards Shortlist
The One Show Finalist

Featured in

Applied Arts Magazine
Ride Journal(UK)
MyOwnBusinessCard(Marc Praquin)
Business Cards 3(Harper Design) 
No Rules! Logos(Rockport)

Talks, etc...
Concordia University jury

Applied Arts Student Awards judge
Leaders of Design Art Directors Club
McGill University Design panel
Young Guns Apple Talk Montréal


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